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One things I came into this New Year wanting to do was to be more organized. So before the New Year came I created a meal planning template in hopes of reducing how often I eat out and to try to stick to a grocery budget.  

The template has helped me utilize the foods in my pantry more efficiently. So before, I’d buy a few cans of beans with the intentions of making certain meals, but I’d end up doing something different or going out to eat and the cans of beans would sit there for weeks or months. Now, I incorporate the foods I already have on hand with foods I need to get at the grocery store. The results are that I’m eating more homemade meals and eating a lot more fresh produce, which I’m very happy about! 


One meal I like to plan, especially on busy days, is vegetable soup. This is the way my mom always made vegetable soup and I’ve always loved it. Some might scoff at the use of canned vegetables, but they have many benefits:


  1. Canned vegetables are an excellent option for maximizing your food budget
  2. They last a long time in your pantry
  3. Canned vegetables make putting together meals very fast since they’re already pre-cooked
  4. They can be a convenient way to get more vegetables into your intake

I included the cost breakdown for this meal so you can see just how budget-friendly it is!


  1. 2 medium-sized russet potatoes (~$0.50)
  2. 1 15-oz can carrots (~$0.99)
  3. 1 15-oz can corn (~$0.99)
  4. 1 15-oz can green beans (~$0.99)
  5. 32oz of tomato juice ($2.82)
  6. Pepper, to taste

Directions (4-6 servings)

  1. Cut potatoes into 1″-sized pieces
  2. In a medium pot, fill it up halfway with water and bring to a boil
  3. Add potatoes to boiling water and reduce heat slightly so the water doesn’t boil over
  4. While the potatoes are boiling, add tomato juice to crockpot and turn heat to high setting
  5. Open each can of vegetables, drain, and rinse them
  6. Add the rinsed veggies to the crock pot
  7. Once potatoes are soft enough to pierce with a fork, drain and add to crock pot
  8. Leave on high until this starts bubbling, then season with pepper, stir
  9. Turn off heat and serve! 


If you want to store this soup, let cool to room temp then put it in a sealable container and refrigerate for 4-5 days, or freeze. It pairs perfectly with cornbread, check out my recipe here! Per serving, you’re only spending about $1.57 or less. That’s a win in my book!




  1. This sounds great! I love how easy it is to make 😀

  2. Vegetable soup is one of my favorites for a quick and budget-friendly meal! Love your version!

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