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Plant-Based Protein

A new study published in the American Journal of Kidney Diseases showed that when people with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) ate more plant-based proteins their risk of death lowered. It’s common practice for CKD patients to limit their protein intake to avoid adding extra work for the kidneys. However, this study showed that the type of protein may be more important than just protein in general. 

As recent studies (here and here) show that processed animal proteins can have some deleterious health effects, plant-based proteins are looking more appealing than ever. Here are a few reasons why you should opt for plant-based proteins over animal proteins:

  • Plant-based proteins offer more vitamins and minerals than animal proteins
  • Plant-based proteins have fiber which helps control blood sugar and helps to keep the digestive tract functioning properly
  • Plant-based proteins are less taxing on the environment (require less water, less land)
  • Plant-based proteins contain less fat and little to no cholesterol

Here are 5 of my favorite plant-based proteins:

  1. Beans – all kinds! Making chili or just a bean soup with black beans, kidney beans, pinto beans, northern beans and garbanzo beans is one of my favorite hearty meals.
  2. Nuts – having a big batch of granola on hand makes my go-to breakfast of a dairy-free yogurt parfait even easier. I incorporate 4 different kinds of nuts when I make my trail mix granola recipe.
  3. Lentils – lentils are super versatile and make a great addition to soup. You can also use them to make veggie burgers!
  4. Mushrooms – anyone that knows me, knows that mushrooms are my favorite pizza topping, a go-to in spaghetti sauce, and can pair with just about anything else. 
  5. Broccoli – yep, vegetables DO contain protein! And broccoli is one of my favorites. 

The most important thing to remember when you shift to more plant-based proteins is to incorporate a variety of foods each and every day and to ensure you are eating enough food! 

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